Reaching Across Time

Sep 3rd, 2015

Imagine this with Photoshop...

Language of A Superior Man

Aug 12th, 2015

Hey, Chinese School DID come in handy!

Romance of the Railway

Aug 5th, 2015

Nineteenth century "high tech" promises better times


May 16th, 2015

Toronto Festival of Literature and the Arts

RAILWAY NOVEL: Words and Tracks

May 14th, 2015

Poets writing about the great railway...

ON THE ROAD: Vancouver

May 6th, 2015

Yup, this is part of the writing life...

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Writing about food

Apr 28th, 2015

Stories versus history...

FAMILY HISTORY: The name's Gordon, Gordon Yee

Apr 23rd, 2015

Cafe in the prairies, the only Chinese in town...

FAMILY HISTORY: Aunt Lillian Ho 03

Apr 15th, 2015

Language was important to her...

FAMILY HISTORY: Aunt Lillian Ho 02

Apr 8th, 2015

Three sisters over eight decades!

FAMILY HISTORY: Aunt Lillian Ho 01

Apr 1st, 2015

Rise and fall...

RAILWAY NOVEL: 1st Mission for Railway: Armed Rebellion

Mar 5th, 2015

Before completion, C.P.R. swings into action.

RAILWAY NOVEL: A Murderous Time

Feb 26th, 2015

Yes, a whodunit...

RAILWAY NOVEL: First Reactions are Vital

Feb 19th, 2015

The Weight of Book Covers

RAILWAY NOVEL: Writers and the Iron Road

Feb 11th, 2015

Was this the first novel about the C.P.R.?

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Eating and Writing

Feb 5th, 2015

A bold, pioneering effort!

RAILWAY NOVEL: Visual Art and the Iron Road

Jan 30th, 2015

Fresh Take on Old Story

RAILWAY NOVEL: Death on the Tracks

Jan 21st, 2015

When is a disaster not a disaster?

RAILWAY NOVEL: Thinking about Writing

Jan 10th, 2015

 Railway workers are a difficult topic.

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: What's number one?

Jan 1st, 2015

Getting down to basics...

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Christmas Colors

Dec 25th, 2014

Santa's Red is for Good Luck

RAILWAY NOVEL: "...just a bunch of coolies..."

Dec 20th, 2014

Our views of history are often beyond our control.

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Notes from a book launch

Dec 10th, 2014

Gotta have fun...

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Reading and Eating

Dec 3rd, 2014

Eating is way easier than reading...

RAILWAY NOVEL: What inspired "The Superior Man?"

Nov 26th, 2014

Behind the fiction is a true story...

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Food for Thought

Nov 18th, 2014

Food images can be funny!

FAIRY TALE FEASTS: Dishes for dishes

Nov 12th, 2014

It's not only food, it's also the dishware.

RAILWAY NOVEL: News on Last Spike Day

Nov 7th, 2014

November 7 1885 marked completion of Canadian Pacific Railway. Today Paul Yee has good news too.


Nov 5th, 2014

Illustrator must have artistic freedom!


Nov 3rd, 2014

And now for something kinda different from Paul Yee