Saltwater City: an Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver (2006)


Selected Excerpts from Reviews

" his well-researched, gorgeously formatted and highly readable Saltwater City, Paul Yee has allowed the Chinese of Vancouver to tell their own stories."
--Globe and Mail, January 1989

"...melds oral histories and 200 black and white photographs into a tightly focused account of the Chinese immigrants' varied history here."
--Vancouver Province, December 1988

"There's a reverent tone to Saltwater city which consistently sticks to the motif of perseverance in times of intolerance. The book's main text offers a straightforward account of Chinese history in Vancouver chronicling both the racism and the more positive milestones."
--Georgia Straight, January 1989

"...takes you deep inside Chinatown; its text resonates with the voices of a vibrant and diverse community."
" part captivating images, one part oral history and one part professionally researched, readable prose."
--Montreal Gazette, 1989

Saltwater City
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