Stories from the Past

A Superior Man (autumn 2015)
Arrivals (a poem)
The Secret Keepers
Jade in the Coal (2011)
Blood and Iron (2010)
Bamboo (2005)
A Song for Ba (2004)
Bone Collector's Son (2003)
Dead Man's Gold and Other Stories (2002)
Jade Necklace (2002)
Fly Away (2001)
Ghost Train (1996)
Breakaway (1994)
Roses Sing on New Snow (1991)
Tales from Gold Mountain
The Curses of Third Uncle (1986)

Stories from the Present

Money Boy
Shu-Li and Diego (2009)
Shu-Li and Tamara (2008)
Learning to Fly (2008)
What Happened This Summer (2006)
The Lost Spike (2004)
If Walls Could Talk (2003)
The Boy in the Attic (1998)
Teach Me to Fly, Skyfighter and Other Stories (1983)

History Books

Saltwater City: an Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver (2006)
Chinatown (2005)
Struggle and Hope: the Chinese in Canada (1996)