Roses Sing on New Snow (1991)

Maylin cooks delicious meals every day in her father's restaurant, but it's her lazy brothers who take all the credit. One day a contest is held to honour the visiting Governor of South China and Maylin's brothers don't hesitate to pass off her cooking as their own. But when neither the brothers nor the Governor himself can replicate Maylin's wonderful dish, they all learn that there's more to the art of good cooking than using the right ingredients.


Selected Excerpts from Reviews

"Delectable from beginning to end, this feminist story, set in the later nineteenth century in a generic, nonspecific New World Chinatown, is delicately told and illustrated."
--Horn Book Magazine, 1992

"The brief text is wonderfully amplified by the illustrations which depict Chinese life in the new world... as well as the comic foibles of the story's characters."
--Miramichi Leader

"Paul Yee has managed to relate an entertaining story while at the same time maintaining the integrity necessary to convey the uniqueness of Chinese Canadian culture as it differs from Chinese culture."
--Nikkei Voice, 1992

"The warm sun-lit illustrations are as delectable as the story. Rendered in exquisite detail, they evoke a turn-of-the-century Chinatown and its inhabitants, perfectly complementing Paul Yee's tale."
--Canadian Children's Book Center

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