The Curses of Third Uncle (1986)

Lillian's father left home five months ago, and since then, there has been no news, no letters, and no money.  Her family is desperate, and her scheming uncle threatens to send Lillian, her mother, and her sisters all back to China.  Lillian knows she has to find her father.  Set in Vancouver in the early 1900s, this is a tale of adventure, intrigue, and betrayal.  But above all, it is the story of one girl's fiery determination to find the truth and save her family.


Selected Excerpts from Reviews

Yee has written a first-class thriller in which a brave and clever innocent is pressed into combat against the most unscrupulous of adversaries.  The final scene is first class drama...and Yee keeps turning the screws tighter and tighter right up to the end.  Lillian Ho is the heroine of the year."
--Globe and Mail, December 1986

“ exciting, fast-paced, well-written tale of intrigue in a society where Chinatown is home and a wealthy white neighborhood strange and exotic.”
“...the strong female characters are made all the more prominent by references to warriors of Chinese legend.”
--Quill & Quire
, December 1986

“...combines romantic suspense and gritty historical realism.”
“...glimpses into Chinese-Canadian life are as relevant as they are fascinating. They create an exciting, exotic atmosphere, and they intensify respect for Lillian’s courage when she proves that Chinese girls are not... ‘garbage’”
--Books in Review

“Concerned by the ‘lack of articulate voices in my highly visible minority,’ Paul Yee writes books that combine social sensitivity with story-telling flair. ....he has created an eerily realistic portrait of what it was like to be Chinese in British Columbia in 1909.”
--Books in Canada
, December 1986

"Yee has succeeded in blending his cultural, personal and professional sides into a compelling adventure that will appeal to young people of all cultures.”
Province, November 1986

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