Teach Me to Fly, Skyfighter and Other Stories (1983)

Selected Reviews

"...four very well conceived and imaginatively written short stories capture the lived worlds of minority children, in familiar cultural territory. The scene is Strathcona, one of Vancouver's oldest inner city settlements, and adjacent to it, Chinatown...  the self image of children is enhanced in that they see themselves and their neighborhoods embodied in an otherwise alien book culture." B.C. Studies, Number 76, Winter 1987-88.

"...not only a useful addition to the study of multiculturalism but also a moving collection of stories about young Canadians." Quill and Quire, October 1983

"...sensitively written and nicely captures the home, school and leisure life of the four friends..." Books in Canada, December 1983

"Many multicultural issues are raised. The characterization is well developed throughout the stories... Highly recommended to students who are interested in different countries of the world and their cultures." Reviewing Librarian Volume 9 No. 1 and 2.

"...realistically depicts the schoolyard stresses and squabbles that fill the days and dreams of fifth graders." Ottawa Citizen, October 1983.

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